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As Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) team we are working vigorously to be able to get our work across to you. We have been working as an independent, free initiative, growing only with the support of our followers and one that has no close links and associations with political parties, interest groups or any other commercial or political entities.

We are an organisation who are trying to be the voice of every one who is struggling to make their voice heard, standing against the unfair but with the just regardless of their belief, colour, gender or identity.

We are one of the rare institutions who are not afraid of criticising anyone, whether they are the decision makers or conductors of any application, incident that affect societal or individual lives, and broadcast to world in both Turkish and English languages.

We also are an institution that undertakes a serious editorial process in order both to present its readers more objective and accurate publications and provide its authors with feedback so that they could produce more subsistent articles. Research Turkey is prioritising scientific criteria in preparation of all its publications, projects and events.

Your support is crucially important for the survival and progress of our institution that is conducting its activities with the help of many idealist volunteers.

If you appreciate our efforts and would like Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) to continue its activities you may as well support us with your little/big donations and join the ‘Friends of Research Turkey’ whether using your name or staying  unanimous. You may use your credit, debit cards or PayPal account for donations. Even the smallest amount will make a substantial contribution for us. Thank you!

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