Workshop on Europeanization Research and Turkey- Volume II: Different Facades, Multiple Contributions

Date: 2-4 May 2012
Venue: Hotel Mavi Göl, Eğirdir, Turkey


Başak Alpan (ODTÜ), Didem Buhari Gülmez (Royal Holloway University of London), Can Büyükbay  (University of Zurich), Murat Ali Dulupçu (SDÜ), Seçkin Barış Gülmez (Royal Holloway University of London), Alper Kaliber (Yaşar Üniversitesi), Murat Okçu (SDÜ), Burcu Özdemir (ODTÜ), Hüseyin Özgür (Pamukkale Üniversitesi), Kaan Renda  (King’s College London), Digdem Soyaltın (Free University Berlin).

Discussion Topics:
* Narrative Reconstruction of Turkish Foreign Policy during the EU Accession Process
* Discourses on ‘Europe’ in Turkish politics and EU identity
* Automaticity of the relationship between the European and domestic level or power of discourses on ‘Europe’?
* Limits of external Europeanization and the top down EU pressures
* The EU’s non-standard exogenous pressures and the EU’s legitimacy
* Rise of scepticism in the Turkish political elite towards EU membership
* The EU’s conditional impact on Turkey and “world society”
* EU’s authority in its periphery and EU’s global legitimacy
* Different paths of Europeanization
* Variation in scope and direction in Europeanization of Justice and Home Affair policies in Turkey
* EU Effect on Turkish Public Administration
* Europeanization, Region and Regional Development in Turkey

This Conference is organized by Süleyman Demirel University, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences.



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