Want to Contribute?

Before you submit: Publication guidelines

We are currently searching for new contributors and columnists, particularly those with a background in journalism and/ or academia, who wish to develop their ideas and knowledge in a supportive and productive writing environment. We welcome all proposals and enquiries, also from anyone wishing to guest-edit or become and editor for Independent Turkey.

Submissions can include political, economic and social analyses of contemporary Turkey and the global world. Although our primary focus is on Turkey and Turkish politics, we also encourage articles and scholarship that pertains to other countries or general commentary on issues related to foreign affairs, global perspectives on politics and economy, society, and culture as well as memoirs and essays.

Independent Turkey aims to address well informed and sophisticated readers, however not all are specialists in Turkish and Middle Eastern politics. As such, please refrain from using overly academic language. Accuracy, concise arguments and well substantiated debate can inform both the general interest reader and the specialist.

Before pitching an idea please keep these things in mind:

Read our existing News and Op Eds sections for guidance on style and topics covered.

Please avoid academic and technical language, making your ideas as accessible as possible to the reader without talking down or over explaining. Use hyperlinks when necessary to suggest background/ further reading- do not use academic referencing. Please support specific arguments and institutions will relevant information and links.

Please send relevant pictures and copy right information.

We ask that each contributor agrees to either weekly, monthly or bi-monthly submissions of op-ed articles not exceeding 2,000 words in length.

Independent Turkey will be an English language based site, however when possible and of enduring relevance, articles will be translated in to Turkish.

Topic proposals should be sent to independent@researchturkey.org and be of no more than 250 words (and may be as simple as a title and a dedication to submitting). These should be sent at any time, with the article being produced no more than two weeks later.

Include your mail address and biographical information in the article proposal.

If you have any concerns regarding confidentiality of your identity and/ or the information you provided in your piece, you are welcome to send your submission and questions to either harrietfildes@researchturkey.org or umitsonmez@researchturkey.org

Please also include 5 keyword ‘tags’ for your article.

All authors will have their own biography posted with as much information as provided. Regular contributors will be listed on the Columnists page.

Please consider carefully which section your article belongs in, News, Op-Eds, Interviews or Book Reviews and specify when submitting.

News articles should be succinct, informative and pertaining to a development in current affairs. Original material should still be used, however this may come in the form of statistics, quotes from senior officials etc. Your opinion is always present but this should be objective journalistic reporting. These articles should be no more than 1000 words.

Op-Eds on the other hand are inherently subjective, however please use primary material to substantiate any claims you make. Please use solid argumentation but feel free to be provocative (so long as you can back it up). Although still related to current affairs, your op-ed should have some shelf-life so relate it to continuing trends with enduring socio-political relevance. Op-ed should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words.

Interviews allow you to explore the ideas and outlook of important figures. You have freedom to contact anyone in the world who inspires you and can inspire others. Alternatively, you may interview controversial figures relevant to current affairs in the hope of instigating debate. Interviewees can be from any background but interviews with activists, politicians and well-known academics receive the most readership. Interviews should be incorporated into your own writings with the introduction informing readers why this person is important and the conclusion discussing some of the main themes or problems arising from the interview. These should be around 1,500 words.

Book Reviews are aimed at informing and exposing our readers to insightful books they may not otherwise have access to. These books should not generally be academic in nature but should focus on issues such as international affairs, domestic issues, culture, economics and society. Please choose books which are important and controversial to you in order to instigate debate. Reviews should be 1,500 in length.