Turkish Way of Privatisation: Policy Mobilisation and Veto Points in Privatisation Processes of Türk Telekom A.Ş., Tüpraş and Cement Plants in Turkey 

I. Introduction

Privatisation can be defined in narrow terms reserving concept for the sale of public sector assets. Alternatively, it can be widened to incorporate a number of associated policies (Jackson and Price, 1994, p.4).”Over the last two decades; privatisation has attracted the attention of both developed and developing economies as a means to improve the efficiency of the public sector companies. Privatisation move started as early as 1974 in Chile as a vehicle for economic growth under the military government of General Pinochet, but received its popularity under Thatcher’s implementations in Britain. Later, after the fall of the Soviet Block, mass privatisation helped the socialist economies to institute private ownership and free market structures. Turkey is one of the countries that started its privatisation programs as early as 1986, in its efforts to integrate its economy with the global markets. But, although Turkey accomplished a lot in integrating its economy with the global markets, it has not accomplished as much in its privatisation efforts” (Ertuna, 1998, p3).

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