Turkey’s EU bid: Losing Friends and Trouble Ahead

Introduction: the European Parliament’s
2013 Resolution on Turkey

On March 12th, the European Parliament (EP) adopted its yearly Resolution on Turkey during its monthly plenary session.[i] This non-binding document – which contains the views of the EP concerning Turkey’s EU bid – was passed by an overwhelming majority of 475 votes in favour, while 153 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted against and 43 abstained.[ii]

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One thought on “Turkey’s EU bid: Losing Friends and Trouble Ahead

  1. B Nelson

    Surely the EU had known that they had been supporting and encouraging an anti secular and antidemocratic AKP for years. They chose to ignore it until it became too obvious and embarrassing . EU helped AKP on its way to trying to change the fabric of Turkish society and create a religiously dominated uncivilised one. They are just as responsible as US in giving a green light to un-scruples and unpatriotic Turkish politicians because it suited them. Turkey has no friends (certainly not in the EU) but his own decent and civilised citizens and thankfully they have risen up.


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