Turkey and Canada Sign Nuclear Agreement

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Turkey and Canada Sign Nuclear Agreement

The Nuclear Industry Association of Turkey stated on Thursday that Turkey and Canada have signed a cooperation agreement to explore opportunities in nuclear energy.

According to the statement, the agreement, signed between Nuclear Industry Association of Turkey and Canada’s Nuclear Suppliers Group, will enable both parties to seek opportunities for the construction of nuclear power plants in different countries.

This move is one amongst many recent attempts by Turkey to find alternatives to its nuclear energy ambitions following the fallout with Russia; leaving the question whether Russia will continue to be Turkey’s major partner in nuclear energy development.

According to the agreement, both countries will search for ways to co-develop pressurized water reactors, heavy-water reactors and small-modular reactors along with the designing, testing and licensing of power plants in Turkey, Canada or other countries.

Similar to the current agreements between Turkey and Russia, the recent agreement with Canada foresees that these two organizations will plan to create seminar and workshop opportunities in Canada for Turkish students, to the benefit of nuclear energy training in Canada.

The Nuclear Industry Association of Turkey’s Founding Secretary-General, Koray Tuncer, said that with this agreement; “Turkey strengthens its energy mix by showing its determination to use nuclear energy. It will also become a model country in the region. Canada is one of the most experienced countries in nuclear energy. This agreement will contribute a lot to Turkey’s vision of a nuclear industry.”

Independent Turkey

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