To Which Direction Does the Education Policy of Ak Party Change?[1]

It came quite as a surprise when AK Party government, which had taken important policy steps towards strengthening the eight-year “uninterrupted” compulsory education system since it assumed power in 2002, proposed the “4+4+4” system and reintroduction of education stages within primary education. Thus, a reevaluation of AK Party’s education policies became necessary. In this article, I aim to discuss whether “4+4+4” and other policies the party embarked since 2011 elections should be regarded as a rupture in education policy or not. To be able to do that, I will first present a conceptual framework through which the variance of how governments perceive education and how they make policies in this area can be better understood. Then, the experience of AK Party in formulating education policies in last 10 years will be evaluated. Lastly, based on this evaluation, I will speculate on the direction AK Party will take in the future in formulating education policies.

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One thought on “To Which Direction Does the Education Policy of Ak Party Change?

  1. Aysan Sari

    Tek parti iktidarı istikrar getirir diyenler bu yazıyı okusun! Eğitimi sistemini 10 yılda ne hale getirdiler görsünler!


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