Nearly a month ago, Dicle News Agency (mostly covers news about Kurdish issue) wrote about the torture, rape and sexual harassment that Kurdish children were subjected to in their prison term by the prison staff in Pozantı, a town based in Adana, Southern Turkey. The events had happened a year ago and some of these children in Pozantı Prison had reported about the torture and sexual harassment to Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Afterwards, Turkish Ministry of Justice announced that children in Pozanti Prison would be transferred to the new prison called Sincan Children’s and Youth Prison in Sincan, Ankara. Kurdish children were in Pozantı Prison under the anti- terror law (TMK), which had been enacted in 1991 and then renewed in 2006. Children in Turkey who are in between ages of 12 to 18 have been constantly arrested under anti- terror law[1]. They have been in prison, treated as terrorists and interrogated as adults.[2]

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