The Prospects of Tayyip Erdoğan From Hebron Located Between Heaven and Hell

El Halil

‘Hebron’ in English. ‘El Halil’ in Turkish. Holy city. A holy city in West Bank. The holy city for both Jews, Christians and for Muslims. A home that bears the scent of both peace and sorrow. Yet, poor and dishevelled. Its helpless people… Its miserable and lugubrious people whom had buried their humanity and had become dehumanized now and then.

Hebron, a city of contrasts. The cemeteries of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob and Leah whom had acknowledged as first Jews are located in Hebron. That is why it is one of the four holy cities along with Jerusalem, Safed and Tiberia and for Jewish people.  Besides, there are accounts about Hebron being the first living place for Adam and Eve after they have been expelled from the paradise cited in Islamic resources. Also, Abraham is accepted as holy for Muslims. In Islam, it is believed that Jews are the direct descendant of their founding patriarch Isaac and Arabs are that of Ishmael whom both the sons of Abraham are.  The Abraham Mosque in Hebron is critically important for both of the religions.

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For this reason, Hebron is a city of peace. Grabs the person… All of a sudden, you are grabbed into a magic. However, the magic is some kind of rotten. A magic that has been destroyed by humankind, a magic being corrupted by racism; thus the black magic of blood and hatred.

Hebron is the birth place for most of the suicide bombers. This is not a surprise.  Because, the city is miserable and having its people starving. Some of its roads are divided into two. If you are a   Palestinian you walk from one side, but if you are Jewish migrant you walk from the other. A wall in the middle of the road and electric line barriers in some parts… The graffiti dictating “Arabian people in gas rooms” and “Making soap from Jews” are everywhere around. Hebron hosts 165.000 Palestinian people and approximately 500 of Jewish Migrants. However in different sides… The city was divided into two parts as H1 and H2 in 1997. Even though Israel Defence Force has started to control both sides from 2002 onwards, still most Palestinians are living in H1 and Jewish Migrants are residing in H2. United Nations officials are saying that Israel government is indirectly supporting the settlement of Jewish Migrants in the region.  The discomfort in the city is at peak. My friends from Israel are telling that “Hebron is not the reality of Israel, it is not reflecting us.” Mutual provocations and tensions… As a matter of fact, these provocations generally result in the favour of Jews whom are relatively more powerful in military terms. Yet, several suicide bombers are Palestinian.

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I walk at Hebron with the officials of TIPH (Agreement on the Temporary International Presence in the City of Hebron). The officer is Turkish… We speak in Turkish. In the meantime, a man embraces me with excitement. Extremely thin, having one or two tooth, lividity under his eyes and pock marked on his cheeks… He happily cries “You are a Turkish person” in English. “Are you here for rescuing us?” I looked at the man with stunning eyes. “Erdoğan, Erdoğan, he is the greatest hero, only he can save us. We are expecting a lot from Turkey, you will save us. Turkey will be the leader and Turkey will rescue us.”

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Whatever your political view is, I am sure you would also be emotionally affected if a man smelling hunger approaches you and cries that “you are the one who will save us.” I am chatting with that man. He admits that they are severely under pressure, none of the Arabian countries seriously provides support them and thus they believe that their only hope remains as Turkey with Erdoğan’s leadership.  As I continue walking around Hebron, I clearly understand that he is not the only person who is the representative of this view. Turkish flags are everywhere and some of the shops also have Erdoğan’s poster. When I say I am Turkish, shopkeepers are making discounts and sometimes they give me gifts.  With my every step on the streets of Hebron, I essentially understand that Justice and Development Party’s policy of improving relations with Middle East and thus having a more proactive role in Middle Eastern events have achieved considerable success.


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Afterwards, I had a meeting with Palestinian Chief Negotiator and Palestinian International Co-operation Minister, Dr. Nabil Shaath. Dr. Shaath maintains that Turkey can be a balancing factor between Israel and Palestine and he accepts that Turkey is perceived as a regional power. He adds that they think Turkey’s Islamic model is the most modern and liberal one in the region. But, Dr. Shaath is discontent with Turkey’s claim of regional leadership. What he emphasizes is, rather than a regional leader; they appreciate Turkey’ balancing power in the region more.

The disparity between the perception of Palestinian society and their leaders about Turkey and Erdoğan is very striking. It is certain that Turkey’s prestige among people in the region have risen due to Erdoğan’s stance in Davos, Blue Marmara event, Turkish film serials showing by regional channels and Turkish government’s effort in establishing the ‘both democratic, Muslim and strong country’ image. However the same does not go for Palestinian leaders. Even, some thinks that Turkey is a European country aiming for full membership in the European Union and therefore cannot be a leader in the Middle East.

At this point, the difficulties of Turkish foreign policy making are uncovered. To be both Middle Eastern and European and “leader”; to be both Middle Eastern and European and “arbitrator”; to be either Middle Eastern or European; to be neither Middle Eastern nor European; not to be able to be neither Middle Eastern nor European. In fact, Turkey has several alternatives. But, why are we always left with the last option?

Defne Gönenç

Please cite this article as follows:

Gönenç, Defne (April, 2012), “The Prospects of Tayyip Erdoğan From Hebron Located Between Heaven and Hell”, Vol. I, Issue 2,  pp.19-20,  Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (ResearchTurkey), London: ResearchTurkey (

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