[1]Between the 18th and 19th June 2012, the leaders of G20 summit will meet in Los Cabos, Mexico. Turkey has been nominated for presidency of the summit in the term beginning in 2015.  After discussing a variety of current and long-term problems based on the agenda of 2012 which was determined with respect to the objectives and conclusions of the previous summits, the leaders will try to take important decisions concerning the current situation. The summit, which was expected to take place between September and November is taking place less than eight months later than the last summit under French presidency which took place on the 3rd and 4th November in Cannes. It has been so scheduled to avoid clashing with Mexico’s general elections, due to take place in July 2012. After the summit, which is taking place four months ahead due to political concerns, the work under Mexican presidency will continue until November.

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One thought on “The Present and Future of the G20 From the Perspective of the Global Economy and Turkey

  1. eylems

    Yunanistan’da koalisyon hükümeti çıkması G20 zirvesini de rahatlattı, artık güzel bir yardım programı ve kemer sıkma politikası başlar!


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