Research and Policy on Turkey – Volume II



Issue I – March 2017

Issue Editors: Ümit Sönmez & Adem Yavuz Elveren


Right to public space: social movements and active citizenship in Turkey – Ayhan Kaya

Terricide: Poisoning the Lungs of Istanbul – Efe Baysal

Right to Water: Politics and struggles concerning water – Sıla Pelin Oğuz

“Congratulations, your daughter is pregnant!”: right to privacy in Turkey Şervan Adar Avşar

Right to public space and right to democracy: The role of social media in Gezi Park – Stavroula Chrona & Cristiano Bee

Tracking digital emergences in the Aftermath of Gezi Park Protests – Erkan Saka

Nation branding and right to brand/brand Turkey –  Ayse Tecmen

Is participatory local policy development possible? the case of Çanakkale –  Zümray Kutlu

From ‘right to be equal’ to ‘right to be’: Greek-Orthodox Community in Istanbul –  Burcu Taşkın

Objecting exclusive holisms: German-Turkish transmigrants visavis nationalist narratives –  Melanie Weißenberg

Issue II  – August 2017

Issue Editors: Ümit Sönmez & Adem Yavuz Elveren


Turkey’s human rights agenda – Özgür H. Çınar & Tolga Şirin

Between entrenchment and ignorance: on justiciability and salient issues of constitutionalized socio-economic rights from Soma to CerattepeBertil Emrah Oder & Mehmet Utku Öztürk

The power of ordinary laws and the feebleness of constitutional rights: the right to freedom of assembly in Turkey – Başak Çalı

Political philosophy and political discourse of intra-state conflicts: the case of human rights in Turkey’s Kurdish question – Hamid Akɪn Ünver

Reflections of the past, expectations for the future: a legal analysis on the development of asylum law in Turkey – Neva Övünç Öztürk

Turkey’s constitutional amendments: a critical perspective – Ahmet Erdi Öztürk & İştar Gözaydın

Human rights paradox of Turkey: punishment for victims and impunity for suppressors – Osman Doğru & Tolga Şirin