Research and Policy on Turkey – Volume I




Issue I – March 2016

Issue Editors: Ümit Sönmez & Adem Yavuz Elveren


The Turkish Bourgeoisie under NeoliberalismKorkut Boratav

An Assessment of the Turkish Economy in the AKP EraA. Erinç Yeldan & Burcu Ünüvar

Nouveaux Riches of the City of Minarets and Skyscrapers: Neoliberalism and the Reproduction of the Islamic Middle Class in İstanbulAhmet Öncü & Erol Balkan

The State, Islamists, Discourses, and Bourgeoisie: The Construction Industry in Turkey İsmail Doğa Karatepe

Financialisation/Borrowing Circle as a Solution to an Unpleasant Conundrum: Observations from the Mature Neoliberalism in TurkeySerdal Bahçe & Ahmet Haşim Köse

The AKP Era: Democratization or Resecuritization? An Assessment of the Institutional and Budgetary ReflectionsGülay Günlük-Şenesen & Hikmet Kırık

Economic Voting in Turkey: Perceptions, Expectations, and the Party Choice –  Cem Başlevent & Hasan Kirmanoğlu


Issue II  – July 2016

Issue Editors: Ümit Sönmez & Adem Yavuz Elveren


Locating the politics of gender: Patriarchy, neo-liberal governance and violence in Turkey – Deniz Kandiyoti

Ethno-religious narratives of citizenship in Turkey: Fabricating citizens through national educationAyhan Kaya

Neo-conservatism, Sovereign Power and Bio-power: Female Subjectivity in Contemporary Turkey – Gülbanu Altunok

Kurdish identity and political Islam under AKP rule Cuma Çiçek

Conditional cash transfers in Turkey: A case to reflect on the AKP’s approach to gender and social policy – Meltem Yılmaz Şener

Being German, becoming Muslim: Race, religion and conversion in the new Europe – Çetin Çelik

Europeanization and tolerance in Turkey: The myth of toleration –  İlkay Südaş

The Neoliberal Landscape And The Rise Of Islamist Capital In Turkey –  A. Erinç Yeldan