Public Statement

Public Statement

For one more time in less than a year a peaceful gathering of civil society groups has become the target of brutal murderers. This act of barbarism that took the shape of two suspected suicide bombings, have left at least 105 people dead while more than 450 people have been wounded in the centre of the capital of Turkey, Ankara on 10th October. Hundreds of people were gathered for a peace rally outside Ankara’s main train station when the explosions occurred.

Words lose their meaning after such senseless acts of barbarism that harm innocent civilians and can only derail the process of peace and reconciliation. Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) expresses its deepest sorrow and regret for the incident. We offer our warmest condolences to the close ones of all the deceased citizens. We wish for the quick recovery for those injured. We sincerely hope that this attack will not succeed in aggravating further the already high tensions.

Authorities declared that the explosion may have been caused by a suicide bomber and may be a conscious terrorist attack. It is of paramount importance that justice is fully served and that the alleged offenders of this act must be urgently arrested and brought to justice.

News agencies report that security forces have been taking a hardline with protests that have been taking place after the bombings. We are concerned that the use of violence against protests after such a massacre will undermine public sense of justice, which has already been seriously wounded. We would like to underline that the prior responsibility of security forces is to ensure the safety of those protesting.

We hope that this is the last time that we are forced to issue such a statement. It has become a cliché to close such statements with the wish that such barbaric acts will never take place again in our country. This time, we call upon the authorities and all those involved to stand up to their role and ensure that all necessary measures are taken to prevent this from happening once again.

Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey)



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