Jobs in London


Part-Time Work

The best website for finding a part-time job as you are studying in London would be as thousands of part-time jobs are advertised on a daily basis and it is free to search and contact the ad-owners.

You can search for graduate level jobs on these sites: Job search sites

There are also some job sites that are specialised on some sectors. E-financial careers is one of the most popular sites that advertise opportunities ranging from graduate to senior level in the finance sector.  Econ-jobs advertises economics related position, likewise at junior and senior levels.



Recruitment Agencies

Applying through recruitment agencies is another way of sneaking into the job market.

Some of them advertise positions on career pages or Linkedin. They generally provide a brief explanation of the position without providing the name of the company. You make your application following the procedure and if they select you they invite you to have an with them. If you are successful at this interview they arrange an interview with the employer.

Whereas some others allow you can submit to your CV on their website. They get back to you if a suitable opportunity arises. Such as on

Graduate Recruitment Fairs


Here are some of the careers fairs held in London. There are many employers participating in these fairs, particularly from the private sector. Registry is free. Don’t forget to print your CV before the events. You might possibly hand it out to some companies!

Biggest National Fair:

Biggest Summer Fair:

If you need more detailed information or have any queries regarding finding jobs in London, you may e-mail typing “Jobs” as the subject of your e-mail.