Accommodation in London


It would be a good idea, trying to apply for student accommodation, if you have concerns about finding a place in London – although it is generally very easy to find a place since everybody is constantly looking for a new place! Especially websites like and could be very useful in finding a room in shared houses. However you should also be careful about fake ads and not transfer any funds before you actually see the property that you will be renting yourself. Especially web-site ‘’ is infamous about fake ads as it is totally free to advertise on this web site and it is UK’s biggest online ‘personal’ advertisement website.

Working through estate agents could prove helpful in finding a property for your stay in London. However beware of the fact that, estate agents will charge you extra for any admin fees and generally are not reliable for finding short term lets (i.e. for less than 6 months) and shared accommodation options (i.e. just renting a room in 2+ bedroom property).

Unite London is a private student accommodation option with very central locations and modern design but proves to be more expensive than college accommodation alternatives. Specifically for students of ‘University of London’, accommodations are available central locations and comparatively cheaper rental prices. They are secure and very good for socialising and leisure activities. You should be careful about booking this in advance as availability of Unite buildings could be a problem.

Location of your accommodation will be very crucial for your time in London. When you see an address in London, you may check it on Google Maps using the full post-code. The postcodes are alphanumeric and between five and eight characters long, plus a single space separating the outward and inward parts of the code. Each postcode unit generally represents a street, part of a street, or a single address. In London, the outward section is constituted of a directional abbreviation and a number (i.e. SE1 – South East 1). You may simply understand where an address is located by checking the post code. The postcodes with WC (West Central), EC (East Central) and W (West) are perceived to be the most suitable (i.e. best connected and secure) residential areas. However this would vary a lot, hence a careful check and knowledge of specific areas would be crucial before deciding on your area. Underground stations and shopping facilities (supermarkets i.e. Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrison’s, Costcutter etc.) would be the main reference points to be looked for. As you choose your residence area, make sure to search for the supermarkets. Especially having a Sainsbury’s and/or Tesco close to you may be important as in other supermarkets you may not be able to find the variety of products for sensible prices.

Sainsbury's Supermarket, London Colney, Hertfordshire for TESCO for Sainsbury’s

are the links you may check before deciding.

West London and North London are better connected with public transportation links than North East, South East and South London. The underground lines that serve these areas are also more reliable and easily accessible. In order to make sure about the security of certain areas, you may check the web site and see the crime rates per the area (post code) you are interested in.

If you need more detailed information or have any queries regarding student accommodation in London, you may e-mail typing “Accommodation” as the subject of your e-mail.