How can EU Overcome its Structural Problems? An Effective Model


European Union can be defined as a running and operative machine/mechanism in the world politics. This sentence is highly assertive starting point as the EU has been facing relatively major structural problems. However, it has been taking serious steps in order to overcome the problems which have already became structural obstacles. The direction of these steps will determine the direction of the EU in the future. Thus, the proposals for the resolution of these structural obstacles should focus on the increase of the efficiency of current gears of the mechanism rather than externalization of these units by considering them non-functional. Politicization on three dimensions (policy, politics, polity dimensions) smooth the way of politicization of the individuals by spreading the potential of political dispute/contention to all levels of the society. Therefore, activation of the individuals that can produce ideas in policy dimension, can defend their thoughts in politics dimension and can legitimize the decisions taken in polity dimension will make the movement between these three dimensions constant (the details of this movement can be found in the article) and this movement constitutes a key for resolution of the structural problems of EU.

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