While we sincerely hope that we do not live through another tragedy for the rest of 2012, what we leave behind, in that case Uludere and Dağlıca, seems to be the two most important events happened in Turkey this year. It is impossible to disregard Uludere in any way or form. Although months have passed since the tragedy, the subject stuck to the ever so fluid daily Turkish agenda. Uludere continues to be debated among columnists, still makes the headlines with new developments and still talked among the politicians. After Uludere, the second biggest loss we had was PKK’s Dağlıca attack. Following months will surely bring more clarity as to what this attack implies as far as society and politics are concerned. We cannot, however, consider these events as independent happenings. The moment we take any event as an abstraction from its appropriate context, we both suppress its relationship with other events and let those who are lost in the chaos of abstraction to produce high volumes of hate and conspiracy. Our aim is quite the opposite. It is to understand social events in their relation to their contexts and thus prevent possibilities of similar tragedies. In this article, I analyse the events that took place between the death of 34 people at Uludere and PKK’s attack at Dağlıca resulting in 28 deaths and close to 20 injuries. I will analyse these events, and others in between, in relation to each other and draw conclusions, to better assess realistic possibilities of non-violence.

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One thought on “From Uludere to Dağlıca: Impotency of the Powerful

  1. Ersin Süeren

    Hassas coğrafyalardaki ‘nahif’ devletlerin liderleri o coğrafyanın taşlı yollarında ancak kafalarının içindeki Tilkilerin kuyruklarını bir-birine değdirmeden yol alarak siyasetlerini sağlıklı icra edebileceklerini bilmelidirler.
    “Ayı ile, Kedi ile çuvala girilmez”.
    Siyaset sahnesinde Tarih olmuş siyasilerin davranışlarından ders çıkarmayarak onları kötüleyen veya onlarla reklam panolarında kol-kola boy göstermeği siyasi rant belleyenler hiç unutmamalıdırlar ki girilen çuvaldaki Ayı ezer, Kedi tırmalar!


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