EU and Hungary Relations in the Recent Era:
Ideological Standing-Normative Cleavage

Rising Nationalism in Hungary

Hungary, as one of the countries in the grip of the global financial crisis, has been finding a place not only in the EU’s (European Union), also in political agenda of the world with the policies of the government of Victor Orban that came into power overwhelmingly, for the second time in 2010 after the period of 1998-2002. As it can be recalled, by receiving 53% of the valid votes in the last election and having 2/3 majority of the Hungarian National Parliament, the Orban’s nationalist-conservative party FIDESZ attained enough power to form a government alone and to amend the constitution. In addition to this boom of FIDESZ, the far-right party Jobbik achieved to get into the parliament for the first time, as a third largest party by taking 17% of the votes in the same elections and this situation was considered as a clear indication of rising nationalist-conservative movements from moderates to extremists.

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