Community Standards and Guidelines for Authors

Independent Turkey is an open forum for discussion and as such we encourage our authors to share, copy, adapt and republish their articles. If the article was originally authored for Independent Turkey then copyright remains with us. If the author wishes to republish we ask that it be attributed as follows; ‘This article was originally published by Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) on’ and that a link to the original publication be provided. If authored for elsewhere please inform us when possible.

By widely sharing these articles we hope to promote an atmosphere of community and debate both for authors and readers.

Research Turkey’s independent non-partisan outlook is beneficial for all, facilitating open discussion on controversial topics pertinent to Turkey. Independent Turkey is an inclusive and safe platform for discussion and as such will not tolerate any form of hate speech or propaganda.  Independent Turkey reserves the right to remove comments violating this rule but at all times adheres to the principle of free speech.

Writers are expected to observe the highest ethical standards and inform Independent Turkey of any potential conflicts arising from their work.

We further reserve the right to reject commissioned contributions if they do not adhere to quality standards and community guidelines. The decision to publish lies solely with Independent Turkey editors, who as a diverse and large team will never reject articles based on personal convictions only based on the aforementioned standards and guidelines.

Liability for accuracy of content lies with the author alone. While we will try to ensure that all material is of the highest quality authors are liable for content and fact-checking. Responsibility for any copyright breeches, illegal assaults of legal liabilities due to content also remains with the author.


Research Turkey will never disclose your personal information to an external party. If you have any concerns regarding security and your publication please email