CALL FOR PAPERS: Social policy reforms and the transformation of Turkish welfare system

CALL FOR PAPERS: Social policy reforms and the transformation of Turkish welfare system

Research and Policy on Turkey invites original paper submissions for a special issue on “Social policy reforms and the transformation of Turkish welfare system”, to bring together papers exploring and critically analyzing different dimensions of contemporary social policy reforms and the recent transformations of the welfare system in Turkey for the 6th issue of the Research and Policy on Turkey (Volume 3, Issue 6, September 2018).

Research and Policy on Turkey serves as the journal of Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey), with the objective of responding to a growing need for evidence-based analysis on Turkey in the English language. Research and Policy on Turkey is a double blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal, published biannually. This journal is published in partnership with Taylor & Francis.

Turkey has, by and large, followed the same path as most European and Latin American countries in the making of its welfare system especially after the Second World War. However, the welfare effort in Turkey varied significantly by policy domain. While the level of institutionalization in some social policy domains such as social security has been high, the role of the public sector remained limited in others such as social care. In the beginning of 2000s, a number of scholars -including but not limited to Ian Gough, John Gal, Ayşe Buğra and Çağlar Keyder- spotted significant similarities between Turkish welfare system and welfare systems of other Southern European and Mediterranean, which paved the way to a better understanding of social policies in Turkey in comparative perspective. Social policies and the welfare system in Turkey have been through a significant transformation since then. The intensity of social policy reforms’ impact on state-society relations, employment conditions, industrial relations, people’s access to public services and people’s wellbeing has been high. The recent changes in the welfare system lead to the proliferation of new (and sometimes experimental) forms of social policy financing and provision, the involvement of new set of actors in social policy making and practice, and the emergence of new discourses around social policies and citizen demands. In this special issue we encourage researchers to offer a theoretically grounded and empirically rich accounts of continuities and changes in social policies in Turkey, the current direction that social policies and the welfare system in Turkey take, political, economic and social implications of these changes and preferably contribute to the better understanding of the Turkish case in the comparative literature.

Submission open for the 6th Issue, September 2018 (Social policy reforms and the transformation of Turkish welfare system)

Last date of submission: 31 March, 2018

Date of notification: within 2 months after submission

Submission Instruction: Authors should submit their manuscripts by 31 March 2017 to the following e-mail address: or via the following web address:

Recommended topics: Recommended topics for this issue are listed below. Please note that the topics are not limited to the list.


  • Labour market reforms and their impact on employment in general and women’s employment in particular
  • Recent changes in the industrial relations regime
  • Pension reform and the auto enrolment system in private pension system
  • Trends and experiences of youth unemployment
  • Health care system changes
  • Different manifestations of social exclusion in Turkey
  • Emerging issues in social care arrangements for people with disability, children and the elderly
  • Public-private mixes in welfare and changing role of philanthropic organisations in different domains of social policies
  • Interactions between social policy changes and domestic political changes
  • Changing role of international organisations in social policy making in Turkey
  • Social policies in the eyes of citizens and practitioners

Eligibility:  Submissions are invited from scholars of all ranks, including doctoral students and from different social science disciplines including but not limited to social policy, political science, public policy, economics, sociology, gender studies, industrial and labour relations and social work.

Format: Publication of any articles (max. 7,000 words including footnotes) in the Research and Policy on Turkey requires strict conformance to the paper template.

Check the guidelines for format and content requirements:

Once the article is selected, manuscript of the article will be published in the Research and Policy on Turkey.

Formal conditions of acceptance: Articles will only be published in English.

All articles are refereed, and the Editors reserves the right to refuse any manuscript, whether on invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication.

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact:

Editor-in-Chief: Ümit Sönmez

6th Issue Editor: Volkan Yılmaz (Boğaziçi University)

For More Information on the Journal, Research and Policy on Turkey:

Print ISSN: 2376-0818 Online ISSN: 2376-0826



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