Political parties are complex, sophisticated and demand a lot of technical and administrative skills. This is something that was quite missed in the Egyptian context. Political parties in Egypt seem to be lost in translation and there is no quite perception of how political parties should be. So what constitutes a political party? We can sum them up in the following: First, they target to ripen and spread specific ideological perspectives. Second, they target to enable political education and to embolden political involvement of both party members and electoral supporters. Third, they target to develop separable policies and to conglomerate them into a lucid general political platforms to be executed if the party is chosen by the people to govern or push forward by forming a strong opposition. Fourth, they take a vital part in political elections processes at the local, national and regional levels. Fifth, to win election they are obliged to find means to entice enough votes through the accumulation of interests. Sixth, political parties are also considered to take a vital part in the institutionalization of conflict as they offer contrivances or methods through which encounters can be peacefully resolved (Haggar, 2012).

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