Research Turkey Summer School 2015

Research Turkey Academy’s Summer School 2015

A Unique Intellectual Experience in World’s Top City and Universities

Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) offers university students, graduates and professionals an unprecedented Summer School opportunity. Research Turkey Academy’s Summer School 2015 provides the chance to experience world class education in top universities of London. The universities that millions of students in the world dream of joining every year, will be open for you to experience this August. Alongside courses, you will fully enjoy London with both touristic attractions and activities as well as special guided tours of landmark institutions such as Bank of England, The Royal Courts of Justice, British Parliament and more. Tailored to your particular interests, both the courses and guided tours offer you a unique intellectual London experience.

 During our two-week summer school, you will enjoy the world’s most desired universities, enhancing your knowledge and skills with their lecturers. During your time here you will fully get the feeling of being a student in London. Your Summer School 2015 certificate will help you boost your career and will be a crucial asset for your personal development.

Registration Information Summary
Business Management & Leadership

Maximum Capacity: 30 students (per programme)
Duration: 2 weeks
Hours: 20 hours per week (40 hours in total)
Class Times: 10:30 – 16:20, Monday – Thursday
Location: Central London Universities
Dates: 10-21 August 2015
Standard Tuition: £1,150 (Partial scholarships and special discounts are available)
Tuition Fee Includes**: 
Welcome Pack (Including UK mobile SIM card & Oyster card topped up with £5)
All course materials
Registration fee
Guided Professional & Historical Tours in London
Research Turkey Academy Certificate

** Some features may be excluded for a discounted fee.

Who can Apply? University students, graduates or professionals who are competent in English language.
Level: Undergraduates, Graduates or Professionals

İstanbul Office: +90 (0) 216 3465246
London Office: +44 2076 20 43 93

Intelligence and Knowledge Enhancement at its Best

Our programmes are specifically designed to help you in reaching academic excellence and uplifting your career prospects by improving your skills and knowledge. Programmes provide a comprehensive approach looking into the subjects from various angles. Each programme has four intensive courses and are suitable for university students, graduates and professionally oriented candidates.

Each course will be given in 10 hours of lectures. With a total of 40 hours of coursework, you will grasp the subjects totally. During these hours, you will have the chance to discuss the course subjects with our world-class lecturers which will excel and widen your perspectives. The reading packs prepared specifically for you will also guide you in your future studies. Below is the full list of the courses in each programme represented alongside the lecturers who will be teaching them:

Business Management & Leadership Programme

Understanding Management – Dr. Sarah Warnes, University College London

Project Management & Leadership – Dr. Fiona Moore, Royal Holloway, University of London

Management of Innovation – Dr. Chris Brauer, Goldsmiths College London

Comparative Commercial Law (Competition, Contract Law) – Dr. Johanna Hoekstra, University of Essex

Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution Law – Dr. Sara Hourani, Bournemouth University

International Trade & Investment Law – Dr. Tara Van Ho, University of Aarhus University of Essex

Expanding Your Network by Getting to Know Top Academics in Your Field

During Summer School 2015, you will get to know lecturers of top universities and get new ideas for your future career planning by the suggestions and advice from them. This way you could direct your career towards success using their advice, broaden your horizon in deciding your future studies’ subject and location and evaluate various career options after your studies.

Enjoy the Intellectual & Professional London

Attending our summer school will give you the opportunity to experience London in an extraordinary way. You will be able to sightsee London’s historic and touristic locations within our tours that are designed for you. Moreover, guided trips, specifically designed for students and professional candidates, to see and learn about London’s public and private institutions and facilities of their own fields, will go beyond a mere touristic experience and let you envisage your possible professional life in London. Combining the guided tours of historical landmark institutions (British Parliament, The Royal Exchange & The Royal Courts of Justice) and more contemporary venues (Bank of England, Canary Wharf & BBC Studios), Research Turkey Academy’s Summer School will support your courses with real life applications of them in the city that sets the agenda of the world[1].

Admissions are closed for 2015. 2016 programmes are yet to be announced.


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[1]  ‘Looking at London: The World’s Capital City’ by Ünal Çeviköz, Former Turkish Ambassador to United Kingdom.