About Independent Turkey

Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation devoted to policy analysis and research focusing primarily on contemporary Turkey. It aims at sharing a wide range of publication types including reviews, interventions, political, economic and social analyses, working papers, interviews and commentaries, by following interdisciplinary trends in the global world and examining Turkey and the global world from different points of view. Against the tendency to homogenise perspectives in the media and to reduce complex political and social reality to simplistic analysis, it welcomes theoretical and political pluralism to reach a more comprehensive, multi-sided understanding of contemporary Turkey in its global context.

In continuation with the themes, outlook and scope of Research Turkey we are launching a new organization devoted to news-based and journalistic coverage; Independent Turkey. Independent Turkey will focus on contemporary political, social and cultural issues facing Turkey and its surrounding region, providing up-to-date political analysis, news and commentaries from a journalistic rather than academic standpoint. The core aim of Independent Turkey is to provide more accessible news on issues related to Turkey and its region that appeals not only to the academic community, but to the general public.

With few English language resources for news and commentary on issues related to Turkey and arguably none which can boast the autonomy and lack of bias of Research Turkey, Independent Turkey makes an important contribution to filling this void in high-quality non-partisan analysis, debate and exchange. Focussing on ‘debate’, by promoting regular columnists, Independent Turkey hopes to encourage issues of enduring relevance to be discussed by multiple contributors, including response articles from you, the readers. For feedback and discussion regarding any of our pieces, please email feedback@researchturkey.org

Independent Turkey is an open community of scholars, journalists, activists, practitioners and experts dedicated to original, non-partisan research on Turkey and its wider area, dedicated to the principles of debate, freedom of thought, education and independence.